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 09/26/2019 DC Area Chefs Team Up to Raise Funds for #onemillionmeals
 09/10/2019 Beloved Anthem Singer Releases “Home Run” to Fight Homelessness
 09/06/2019 DC Area Chefs Team Up to Raise Funds for #onemillionmeals
 07/18/2019 Mission to Serve DC During Coming Heat Wave
 06/11/2019 Mayor’s Public-Private Partnership Offers Hope for Homelessness and Those At-Risk
 03/20/2019 Mission Promotes “Breadcoin” Use
 02/01/2019 Homeless Folks Like Football, Too –  Mission Plans “Souper Bowl” Party
 01/31/2019  Make a Call; Save a Life – Mission Houses More Men in Cold Emergency
 01/21/2019  Family Ministry Center Offers Help for Furloughed Federal Employees
 01/14/2019  Mission Offers Help for Furloughed Federal Employees
 01/12/2019  Make a Call; Save a Life – Cold Emergency Compounded by Snow


 12/20/2018  Christmas at the Mission – Volunteers Make it Feel Like Home
 12/13/2018  Operation Christmas Miracle Brings the Holiday to Needy Children
 12/12/2018  Mission to “Show Some Love” to Homeless – Holiday Weekend to Boost Emotional Health
 12/10/2018  Press Advisory: Mission to “Show Some Love” to Homeless
 12/02/2018  Mission to “Show Some Love” to Neighbors
 11/22/2018  Homeless but not Hungry
 11/08/2018  Honoring Those Who Served
 11/07/2018  Turkeys Needed
 10/15/2018  Five-Time Paralympian to Encourage Mission Guests on “Curtis Lovejoy Day”
 10/02/2018  The Home Depot Foundation Partners with Central Union Mission to Renovate a Facility for Homeless Veterans
 09/28/2018 “Men: Take Ten” to Prevent Cancer
 09/28/2018  Mission Adds Its Voice to One City, One Hope
 09/13/2018  Press Release: Health Fair offers free testing.
 09/12/2018  Homeless in a Hurricane
 09/12/2018  Compassionate Hearts Warm Homeless Community
 09/07/2018  Press Advisory: We Just Might Save Your Life! – Health Fair offers free testing.
 08/29/2018  Heat Threatens Homeless Population – New Director Announces Hyperthermia Plans
 08/28/2018  Cheap Synthetic Drugs Killing the Vulnerable – Immediate Help Offered to People Experiencing Homelessness
 08/21/2018  Media Advisory – Help for People Experiencing Homelessness to avoid Deadly Synthetic Drugs
 08/17/2018  Press Release – Promoting Academic Equality for City Students Through Generosity
 08/14/2018  Press Advisory – Promoting Academic Success for City Students
 08/06/2018  New Executive Director Challenges K2 Epidemic
 08/06/2018  Press Release – New Executive Director Challenges K2 Epidemic
 08/01/2018  Media Advisory – New Executive Director Challenges K2 Epidemic
 07/09/2018  Joseph Mettimano to Lead Mission as Executive Director
 06/21/2018  Executive Director Retires After 20 Years of Faithful Service
 05/07/2018  Food Donations a Relief for Four Hundred Families
 03/10/2018  Surprise Makeover for 200+ DC Homeless Men
 02/27/2018  Oasis for Hungry Families in Northeast
 02/22/2018  Family Ministry Center Opens New Location
 02/01/2018  A Pop-Up with Resounding Impact
 01/12/2018  Homeless Guests Release New Book
 01/03/2018  Make a Call; Save a Life – Mission Houses More Men in Cold Emergency


 12/11/2017  Show Some Love
 11/28/2017  No Child Should Miss Christmas
 11/17/2017  Thanksgiving’s a Highlight of the Mission Year
 09/21/2017  We Might Save Your Life
05/25/2017 Teaching a Man to Fish Costs Monet, Too
05/15/2017 What’s Next?  Making Headway Against Homelessness
04/13/2017 Camp Bennett Awarded Imagination Playground™ Play System from Target and National Non-Profit KaBOOM!
04/04/2017 Chef Rock Joins Mission Staff as Executive Chef
03/13/2017 Make a Call; Save a Life
03/09/2017 You’re Right. It’s Not About the Cell Phones
03/07/2017 Target and National Non-profit KaBoom! Award Camp Bennett Grant for Imagination Playground in a Cart™ Play System
01/06/2017 31 US Cities Cede Homelessness Record to DC


12/23/2016 Christmas at the Mission – Feels Like Home
12/16/2016 Christmas Miracle Brings Joy to Needy Children
12/16/2016 A Disappointing Trophy for DC – The Way Out Comes from Employment
12/14/2016 Make a Call; Save a Life – Mission Houses More Men in Cold Emergency
12/08/2016 Ball Through The Fall – 2nd Annual Charity Basketball Tournament
12/06/2016 Generous Local Stars “Show Some Love” To DC’s Homeless Neighbors
12/06/2016 Shelter’s Response to Increase in Homelessness
11/24/2016 Thanksgiving’s a Highlight of Mission Year
11/21/2016 The Warriors Movement and Walmart Are Showing the Love to Homeless Guests
11/17/2016 Unbelieva-bowl Volunteers Talk Turkey at “Every So Often” Event
11/17/2016 Mission Welcomes Generous Union Market Vendors
11/11/2016 Making Strides Toward Ending Homelessness
10/25/2016 Unique Celebrity Chef and Art Event Benefits DC’s Homeless Neighbors
10/20/2016 Central Union Mission Receives New Mattresses Donated by Leesa Sleepe
10/19/2016 “Project Homeless Connect” Offers Critical Services for Region’s Homeless Population
08/23/2016 On a Compassionate Note, Musicians to Serve and Play for Our Guests
07/22/2016 BBQ Fit for VIPs, but Homeless Men are the Guests!
06/02/2016 Taking a Bite Out of Hunger – TD Burger Joins Central Union Mission to Do More
05/23/2016 Celebrity Chefs to Wow Homeless Guests – Four-Course Dinner Provides Nutrition and Dignity
05/13/2017 DC Homeless Families Need More Than Low-Cost Housing
05/13/2017 Central Union Mission Celebrates Book Release
02/17/2017 New Homeless Shelters Critically Needed

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