Mission Promotes “Breadcoin” Use



Contact: Deborah Chambers
VP, Development and Partnerships
Cell: 202-534-9965

Mission Promotes “Breadcoin” Use

Tokens Help Small Businesses and Feed Hungry

Washington, DC—March 20, 2019—Central Union Mission is proud to accept Breadcoins at its Mission Muffins food truck at 65 Massachusetts Ave., NW. Breadcoin is an innovative initiative that benefits small businesses, hungry folks and those who want to help people experiencing homelessness. Created by economist Scott Borger and author and dedicated volunteer Cary Umhau, a Breadcoins is a golden token worth $2.20 in food and drinks redeemable at about a dozen participating outlets, now including Ben’s Chili Bowl.

Breadcoin provides micro-loans to DC small businesses in exchange for their accepting Breadcoins as payment. Central Union Mission
used a Breadcoin loan to purchase its Mission Muffins food truck, which will be paid off at year’s end. Mission Muffins is a Central Union Mission workforce development program that trains formerly homeless people in the business of running a bakery. One Breadcoin purchases a fresh-baked Mission Muffin or breakfast hand pie and a cup of coffee.

Breadcoins offer hungry people a way to purchase food of their choosing. It can also make it easier for others to help people on the street: Breadcoins can be used only for food—not for drugs or alcohol. People can keep a few Breadcoins in their pockets so they don’t have to handle their wallets in public, which eliminates a possible safety risk.

According to Mission President and CEO Joe Mettimano, “One of the reasons the Mission likes Breadcoin is that it gives people the chance to buy something they want in a dignified manner. We want to make Breadcoins more prevalent among DC businesses and customers so that more businesses will join the program. Also, customers who pay with Breadcoin are visibly encouraging people experiencing homelessness.”

For more information about the Mission’s involvement with Breadcoin, please contact Deborah Chambers at 202-534-9965 or dchambers@missiondc.org.

About Central Union Mission:

Central Union Mission is a faith-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and the oldest private social service agency in Washington, DC. In addition to its emergency shelter, which provides almost 60,000 bed-nights each year, the Mission operates a holistic, Christ-centered transformation and workforce development program for men, provides benefits for veterans, helps people overcome addictions, operates a food and clothing distribution center which provides food for over 4000 people each month, runs a camp for underprivileged children, and offers a ministry to families and senior citizens. Charity Navigator has rated Central Union Mission as a three start charity, GuideStar awarded Central Union Mission a Gold Seal for our financial transparency and GreatNonProfits has given Central Union Mission a Top-Rated award.

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