Community Services

The Mission provides a variety of community services special events and celebrations throughout the DC area.

Nearly half of the low-income people who turn to the Mission for food and clothing are seniors.

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Central Union Mission’s calendar is full of activities for helping people in need. Please check here for ways to get help for your family—or for how to volunteer to help others.

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Central Union Mission continues to empower the community they serve by offering a six-session, basic computer literacy course, where participants are introduced to the fundamental concepts and ope...

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Nearly 10 percent of those we serve at the Mission are homeless and low-income veterans. We are committed to meeting their special needs.

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Our Work Therapy program and Ready To Succeed programs provide valuable training, job experience and references to put men back on the path to self-sufficiency. Mission Muffins is the very success...

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The Mission offers free medical and dental services to restore health and dignity to the homeless people we serve.

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