Appreciated Real Estate

Donating real estate to support the work of Central Union Mission may provide both income tax and capital gains
tax savings. Additionally, depending on the way your donation is structured, you can avoid the time and expense of
selling property and generate an additional stream of income.

Central Union Mission partners with CARS (Charitable Adult Rides & Services) to process real estate donations to benefit Central Union Mission and the community we serve. Our program takes any property type (land, homes, commercial) in any location so long as there is equity. Our program is structured to pay off all loans, liens, commissions owed and all closing costs. To inquire further, please contact or visit us online at

We hope this information is helpful. If you have questions or require additional information, please contact us at 202-745-7118 during normal business hours, or you can send an email anytime to

Thank you for caring. Your gift will help provide critically needed support and services like food, shelter, clothing, job training, education, addiction recovery support, ESL classes, medical care, wrap around social services and so much more! God bless you.

The generous soul will be made
rich, And he who waters will also
be watered himself.
Proverbs 11:25


Know Your Options and Your Potential Tax Benefits

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Your Gift of $115 helps 60 people


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