Workforce Training

Workforce Development Programs

Ready To Succeed

Our Ready To Succeed workforce development programs provide valuable training, job experience and references, as well as the opportunity to earn and save wages for permanent housing. Participants no longer struggle with life-altering addictions or behavior and are motivated to achieve independent employment.  For more information download the Men’s Ministry Brochure.

Ready To Work

Ready To Work is a street-cleaning and beautification service provided by formerly homeless and unemployed men and women for six Business Improvement Districts in the city.  The 12 to 18 month program provides participants employment and the opportunity to develop and enhance on the job skills.  Participants also receive social service support, adult education and employment counseling to prepare them for successful long term employment.

Ready To Cook

Ready To Cook offers two options for culinary-minded students: 

Mission Muffins

Mission Muffins is a bakery run by homeless employees, who bake, market, sell and deliver delicious baked goods. Employees are paid and live at the Mission; they receive training for bakery work and business management.  Read More>

Visit our Mission Muffins website to view our menu and order products or download the Mission Muffins Brochure.

Culinary Job Training Program

Students can also participate in the Culinary Job Training Program, sponsored in partnership with DC Central Kitchen. Graduates gain valuable kitchen skills required for cooking jobs as well as soft skills necessary to be successful in the workplace.

Work Program

An additional work program the Mission offers, provides assistance to men who are currently employed full-time but have no place to live. They receive a reserved bed for 90 days initially and are required to save 50 percent of their net earnings on a cumulative basis each payday. This savings is used to secure their permanent housing after leaving the Work Program.

They may also qualify for one of our Ready To Succeed programs.

Work Therapy Program

The Work Therapy Program provides ten guests the opportunity to work part-time supporting Mission-related work activities. They save
half of their earnings toward permanent housing and are required to seek full-time employment (or transition into another program)
by the end of their one-year term.

Special Circumstances Program

Men who do not qualify for other programs but need short-term residential services and support can participate in the Special
Circumstances Program. Participants must be involved in a productive activity that will lead to self-sufficiency, such as school, training or part-time employment.

Extended Support Program

Extended Support Program participants struggle with mental illness, cognitive impairment and/or physical impairment and are without family or other caretakers. Individuals are deemed eligible based on the Mission’s ability to support their level of care. When appropriate, the Mission assists them with obtaining health and income benefits and suitable employment.

Employers – Hire A Mission Man

Employers, have you considered hiring a Mission Man?
When you hire a Mission Man, you get a committed, vetted and well-trained employee who is ready to succeed for your company.




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