Mission Muffins

Muffins with a Mission can change a person’s life.

As part of Central Union Mission’s Ready To Cook program, our employees learn baking, retail, marketing and business skills that make them ready for the job market.  During their training period, we work with local businesses and agencies to find the men permanent employment or entrepreneurial opportunities. Employees live and eat at the Mission at no cost and save their wages for permanent housing.

At Mission Muffins, we believe we can replace dependence (Will Work for Food) with responsibility (Will Work for My Future), pairing the employee’s potential with his or her determination to succeed.  Regardless of the past—poverty, abuse, addiction, illiteracy, violence, ill health, prison, etc.—we believe each person can have a purposeful future

 Visit our Mission Muffins website to view our menu and order products or download the Mission Muffins Brochure.

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