Restoration & Transformation Program

Restoration & Transformation Program (RTP)

The RTP program is a voluntary, Christ-focused rehabilitation program for men at our shelter. The program requires about a 16 month commitment and includes focused work by the participant in areas such as addictions, mental/emotional health, breaking unhealthy behaviors, Bible study, education, job training and others. The end goal is to transform the man so that he can eventually obtain and maintain a job, have a stable place to live, have his addictions or issues under control, and grow in his relationship with Christ. All participants must comply with the rules and accountability of the program and staff.

People end up homeless for a variety of reasons. On the streets, a person’s physical, emotional and psychological health becomes compromised and an acculturated lifestyle makes it increasingly difficult to permanently escape homelessness.

Once this cycle sets in, a person’s ability to acquire and maintain a job is diminished, family relationships are destroyed, addictions emerge, mental and physical health declines, self-esteem drops and a downward spiral continues.

Central Union Mission created the Restoration and Transformation Program (RTP) to provide a platform for men who have the desire and mental/emotional wherewithal to rehabilitate and stabilize all aspects of their lives and return to normal life.

The 18 to 24 month program begins with a robust assessment of each person’s mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, educational and vocational status and an Individual Development Plan is created. A multidisciplinary team of social workers, chaplains, teachers, vocational instructors, doctors, therapists, and others walk with each man toward transformation. The goal is transformation and systemic, life-long change through comprehensive wrap-around services.

The vast majority of men who come to the Mission suffer with some history of addiction. We know that unless the addiction is addressed at the beginning, a person will not be successful in our program (or in life), so we provide both in-house programs to correct addictions, as well as intensive residential treatment through a close partnership with a third-party provider. Once a man is fully matriculated into the program, he is provided with a stable and safe environment with food and shelter so that he can focus on the hard work ahead of him.

The program and each day is highly structured, and over the course of the program every aspect of their lives are being addressed and transformed. Progressively, each man walks through his past issues, destructive thought and behavior patterns are addressed, addiction treatment continues, physical/dental/mental health issues are treated and their spiritual beliefs are explored (conversion to the Christian faith is not required for services nor participation).

A strong program for workforce development and education provides opportunities to attain a high school diploma, skill certifications, life-skills, hard and soft job skills and long term employment placement. The goals are to equip each man with what he needs to be successful in the long-term and before he leaves our facility, we work to ensure he has a job, transitional or permanent housing, life skills, ongoing addiction support, and a church partnership, if desired. Restoration of family relationships are explored, as well.

The program can accommodate 50 students in systematic Bible study, biblical counseling, regular drug testing and work therapy. Classes and tutoring in reading, writing, math, job readiness and computer skills are also provided. After completing the program, men enter a Transition Period where they seek employment and are mentored through a gradual transition back into the community.

We enable restoration of family relationships and a strong relationship with a mentor church to help prevent relapse and ensure the graduate’s continued growth and accountability.

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