Mayor’s Public-Private Partnership Offers Hope for Homelessness and Those At-Risk



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VP, Development and Partnerships
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Mayor’s Public-Private Partnership

Offers Hope for Homelessness and Those At-Risk

Washington, DC—June 11, 2019—Mayor Bowser’s newly launched Partnership to End Homelessness is a welcome program harnessing the power of private industry with the city’s responsibility to care for its neediest residents. “We know that ending homelessness is possible, but that it is going to take all of us from the public and private sectors working together across all eight wards,” said Mayor Bowser. While the number of single individuals seeking homelessness assistance has gone up this past year, the total number of homeless families has gone down during the four years while the city has employed Bowser’s Homeward DC plan.

According to Central Union Mission’s President & CEO Joseph Mettimano, “I believe the Mayor’s Partnership to End Homelessness has the potential to provide much-needed affordable housing for DC residents, and I applaud her commitment. Along with this, I hope to see the community come together to help folks obtain and retain jobs so that they can afford to stay in the housing that will be provided. At Central Union Mission, we prepare people for successful employment so they are ready for housing and independent living. Folks have a better chance of keeping their housing when they can effectively manage solid jobs.”

The Mission’s Workforce Development & Education program helps people experiencing homelessness to be physically and mentally prepared for employment. Then, the Mission’s Ready2Succeed program gives hands-on experience in fields like maintenance, landscaping, cooking and running a business like a recycling center or the Mission Muffins bakery. This not only provides job training but also good references, solid resumes and a strong work ethic. The Mission continues to provide their food and housing during this time so they can save their wages for their first apartment.

Besides helping homeless men, the Mission’s Family Ministry Center provides free food, clothing and housewares for families living at or below the poverty level. With the Mission’s English language and computer skills classes, families have more hope for retaining their jobs and homes.

The Partnership to End Homelessness has the potential to improve many lives in DC, and Central Union Mission looks forward to assisting in that goal.

About Central Union Mission:

Central Union Mission is a faith-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and the oldest private social service agency in Washington, DC. In addition to its emergency shelter, which provides almost 60,000 bed-nights each year, the Mission operates a holistic, Christ-centered transformation and workforce development program for men, provides benefits for veterans, helps people overcome addictions, operates a food and clothing distribution center which provides food for over 4000 people each month, runs a camp for underprivileged children, and offers a ministry to families and senior citizens.  GuideStar awarded Central Union Mission a Gold Seal for our financial transparency and GreatNonProfits has given Central Union Mission a Top-Rated award.

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