Rev. Thomas B. Hanlon, 1974

Rev. Thomas B. Hanlon had a warm spot in his heart for the men and women who came to the Mission because he “had been there” during his own life struggles. He worked at the Mission for 14 years as the Superintendent.

I had the same opportunities as any other boy in life, but I never heard my family pray at at home or read the Bible. When I was in the ninth grade, I started drinking beer, which naturally led to stronger drink and trouble in high school with threats of being expelled from school; but I finished school and went to work for a large corporation.

Needless to say, I was unable to hold any kind of position with my drinking habit. Private hospitals didn’t help. Medicine and therapy didn’t help. And I would not listen to any one who started talking to me about Christ. I finally went into the Army, which was no help to my drinking problem. After I left the Army I roamed around and ended up on Skid Row. Praise God for the missions on Skid Row. I had to turn to them for material help — clothing, food and shelter — but I wanted none of their preaching. I went forward in many missions — hundreds of times for material gain — clothing, bed or money. There was no change in my life. Then I would go forward to ask the Lord to take away the drinking problem, but nothing happened until I really asked Jesus Christ into my heart and life.

It was a cold night in December. All I had on was summer clothing. I would have sold them if I could have found a buyer, just to get a drink. I had already sold my glasses (my vision is 20/600 without glasses). Then it was that night I wandered into the Chicago United Mission — knowing now that the blessed Holy Spirit led me there — and heard the Gospel. I attended three nights in a row, the third night going forward at the invitation to accept Christ (given by Louis West). I was saved that night. Christ changed my life completely. I stayed at the mission, studied the Word of God with the men there, and worked.

During this time of growth at the mission, the Lord burdened my heart for other men on Madison Street in Chicago. I prayed that the Lord would give me a work with these men. He did this as I directed the work at the Bible Rescue Mission for fourteen years. He gave me a wonderful wife, a son and a home. I thank God, with everything within me, from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head, as it were; praise Him that I’m saved. Pray for me. He did take the desire for alcohol away! CHRIST IS THE ANSWER!

Reverend Ray McKissic, 2002 A Reverend’s loyal commitment to volunteering at the Mission.

Reverend Ray McKissic, an active member of Triumphant Baptist Church, in Hyattsville, MD, began volunteering at Central Union Mission in 2002 when he was introduced to the Mission by Pastor Gregory Strong.

Rev. McKissic believes that God has placed a love for teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in his heart, and has been coming to Central Union Mission every Monday since 2002 to provide Bible study lessons to our Food Depot clients. “It’s very rewarding,” says Rev. McKissic, “Leading Bible study at Food Depot helped develop my teaching ministry.”

We wish to thank the Rev.



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