Reginald M. Ashton Sr, 2009

On January 14, 2009, I entered Central Union Mission tired, depressed and sick. I needed help. And after staying there for 2 weeks with time to rest, think, and spend time with other men who were just like me, time with God and hearing his word and just getting to know the over-nighters–this helped me to find time to think and get my mind clear.

The Mission is just what it says it is–a mission, a place that’s there for the people who are in need. Just watching the people bring in donated items to give to people they don’t even know. Watching men and women get help from the Mission, food depot, seniors’ day, birthdays, back to school, etc. Days like that help me to realize how important I am.

I thank God for Mr. Treadwell and his staff. They are wonderful at what they do for people. The work they put into their job is from the heart and that’s what God wants from all of us–what’s in our hearts.

Camp is quiet and peaceful. You have time to yourself and with God and the animals, too. But most of all, I like to see the other men get their families back. Thank you, Central Union Mission, and thank you GOD!!!



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