Marie Bowen, 1980

In the midst of a period of homelessness and deep confusion as to my place in the world, a Christian friend said to me that I was a case of the “prodigal son”. I rejected his analysis because I only saw the parable in a material sense.

By God’s grace I was led to Central Union Mission where gradually my fears of homelessness left me. As I had time to attend to my spiritual needs by going to chapel, morning devotions and Bible classes and reading the Bible on my own, Christ began to become the focus of my thoughts.

One day as I was looking through hymnal, I saw the title, “The Way of the Cross Leads Home”. I felt a piercing feeling in my heart because I understood and I believed. As I read the words, I started to cry because I had found my spiritual home in Christ. Now when I see the cross atop the Mission building, I smile.



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