Major and Mrs Ramsey

Major and Mrs. Ramsey, 1947

William H. Ramsey , former Treasurer, Vice President, and President of the Board of Directors, and his wife Ida Close Ramsey, former President of the Women’s Guild, speak of their involvement with the Mission and the power of faith over science.


Major William H. Ramsey’s Testimony:

We have not needed a seminary course in the Evidences of Christianity, for, as the years have passed, we have seen the hand of God at work in the various activities of the Mission, heard the Gospel of the Son of God in its simplicity; and we have found that “it works.” Scientific men are striving to find means by which the problem drinker, the so-called “alcoholic” may be cured, but they are compelled to admit that their efforts have thus far largely failed. The rescue missions have found the cure in the faithful preaching and acceptance of the crucified and risen Christ as the one and only cure for the disease of sin, including the drink habit.


Mrs. Ida Close Ramsey’s Testimony:

Personally, sixty years of mission work has enriched our own souls and our lives more than we can tell. It has been a pleasure and a treasure to give out the message to those who are discouraged and have lost their hold on life. Fellowship in service with Christ means vastly more to us than the hope of earthly gain. As I look over the events from year to year through this period of sixty years, and see “what hath God wrought” in the lives of men who seemed to have no ray of hope, yet have been redeemed by the precious blood of Christ and have again become useful and desirable citizens, my heart rejoices with joy unspeakable. Sometimes these ‘men’ so-called, were only boys, not yet beyond school age, and so have been saved to useful lives to their families and to society. -Ida Close Ramsey



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