A young, black, mother of four, who asked to remain anonymous recently sat down to share how Central Union Mission changed her life.

After fleeing an abusive relationship, “Kim” was urged by a friend to visit Central Union Mission. Unaware of what help they could provide, she found herself at the Family Ministry Center (FMC), in need of food and clothes for her children, but unsure of who she could trust. The mental and physical abuse of her previous relationship left her guarded and skeptical about any positive outcomes for her life.

Her first day at the FMC, Kim was introduced to Tracy Duncan, Senior Director of Family Ministry, and without hesitation, Tracy began to tell her about the programs and resources that she knew would be useful to Kim. After receiving food, clothing and toys for her children, Kim said a feeling came over her that she hadn’t felt in a very long time. “I felt safe. Tracy was so warm, and kind and it was just something about her energy that put me at ease.”

That was just the beginning of a beautiful relationship between Kim and the FMC. “Tracy shared every resource possible to help me.” As a result, Kim was a participant in the Relief & Restoration program which gives families access to free resources needed to survive on a daily basis. Her family also participated in “Operation Christmas Miracle” and were given gifts and toys to celebrate the holiday. Kim took parenting classes and was overjoyed with the baby shower that was given for all the mothers in need. “I couldn’t believe how much stuff I got. It was so nice to get so much of what I needed.”

In addition to the emotional and financial guidance the FMC provided, Kim said she was also enriched spiritually. “I’m not the most religious person, but they would pray over me and pray with me and it always brought me some peace. I document my prayers now. I write them down so I can go back and read them when I need it.”

Kim is currently living independently with her four children and working on a small business plan to develop an official LLC. “FMC gave my life some structure and it also gave me a family. I feel connected to these people and for once I don’t feel lonely anymore. I didn’t give up because they gave me hope and for that I’m forever grateful.”



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