Kennedy Moulder, June 2009

Kennedy Molder

Kennedy Molder’s new life has begun, and now he has some company: his 10-year-old son Elijah. Kennedy gained custody of Elijah on May 18, and they are living in a two-bedroom apartment in Washington, DC, where Elijah is a student at Turner at Green Elementary School and Kennedy is employed by Washington Nursing Facility.

Kennedy’s new lease on life began when he joined the Mission’s Spiritual Transformation Program (STP). “When I came to the Mission, I was running from my responsibilities. The Mission showed me how to stand up and be the man God made me to be,” he comments.

Kennedy graduated from the STP in 2007, drug-free for the first time in 26 years. He lived at Central Union Mission for two years while he got his certified nursing assistant degree at The University of the District of Columbia. It didn’t take him long to find a good job in the nursing field.

Kennedy is a member of Jubilee Outreach Ministries where he teaches Sunday school and preaches sermons. He feels that God is preparing him for the pastorate; he is drawn to work with the elderly and those who are battling addictions. According to Kennedy, “Going to Central Union Mission was the best choice I ever made. I’m a better dad and son now. I never thought I would ever be happy in my life, but God made a way.”





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