“I remember having to make a decision whether I let the electricity be cut off and provide Christmas gifts for the children, or pay the electric bill and just figure out something else. I ended up paying my electric bill. We didn’t have money for gifts; we barely had money for food.”

Keisha decided that she never again wanted to feel the pain of telling her children there would be no Christmas presents. She was so glad to hear about Central Union Mission’s Operation Christmas Miracle! Her children received toys and clothing at last year’s program.

I was teary eyed when I saw my 5 year old’s face: she was screaming with joy ? She asked me ‘Mommy, did Santa Claus forget our family last year?’ ?I told her, ‘Well, baby, Santa Claus didn’t forget you this year!'”

Because of her health and the pressure of being a single mom, Keisha wasn’t able to hold down a job. She ended up on welfare, surviving on Social Security from her son, food stamps and Medicaid. Her rent was only $44 a month, yet she could only pay the rent and the electric bill-with a little left over for food.

Now 30, Keisha is getting on her feet. She has completed her GED and is trying to secure a job with help from the Mission. She can’t thank you enough for your help to make Operation Christmas Miracle possible.



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