Howard and Carol Andreoni, 1977

Howard and Carol Andreoni, past co-directors of Camp Bennett, share their experience leading camp–including the bumps and bruises along the way!

What a blessing and privilege to be part of Camp Bennett 1977! God has bestowed plenty of good things and given us all full enjoyment of Himself. In the six weeks of camp we had 299 boys and girls participate. 108 of them made decisions for the Lord and 76 boys and girls earned certificates for Scripture memorization.

A team of 34 workers and counselors contributed to making the camp season a blessing. Each day brought a new challenge — from poison ivy to asthma attacks — from a snake in the girls’ shower to a mouse in the wastebasket — for 105 degrees to 67 degrees — from exuberant voices of children singing to the quiet intense suspense of a missionary story.

Yes, Camp Bennett is over, but it still echoes with the voices of children. Children who need our prayers and continued help throughout the year. Let us together, “Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice in Him with trembling,” for how greatly He has blessed us.



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