Chris Jones

I was referred to the Mission by Mr. Mike McCall. I became interested in joining the Mission after losing my place to stay, due to my anger issues. I have been struggling with these issues for about 4 years now.

I was physically and verbally abused by my father up until age 17. I tried to mask my issues and pain with occasional marijuana use, which turned into a full-blown addiction. I was argue with my family just to have an excuse to get high. My anger and resentment consumed me so much that I have gotten into physical altercations with my girlfriend.

I was at one time ashamed of the person I had become, and I tried numerous times to commit suicide. But God has kept me alive to be a better man. And through the Mission I would like to get a better relationship with God, and thus be a better man for my girlfriend and our 18-month old daughter.

I would like to believe I’m a good person. It’s just that the baggage of my past continues to haunt my future.

Through my two weeks in the Mission I have already learned things about myself that I used to run from and use marijuana to hide. I’m learning more about God and thus learning how to become a man of God.

I also would like to finish my high school education and maybe gain some knowledge for a career in the future. I’d also like to obtain a driver’s license while in the Mission, and try to obtain some kind of medical help for my mental illness issues, which are causing all of this anger. All in all, I’d like to straighten up my life so I can become, one day, the husband and father my family needs me to be, and the man God planned for me to be.



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