Chris Johnson

I was born in New Jersey, raised up by my mother who was poor. But my mother made sure we had shelter and food. She worked very hard to provide for the nine of us. While she worked hard and loved me so, I had to find my own way.

I started drinking at a young age. I also started smoking weed and sniffing cocaine, then crack cocaine for years–going from state to state, bringing my bad habit with me. I moved to Virginia and stayed about 13 to 15 years where I continued in my mess, but wanting to get better.

I fathered a baby boy. In my thinking I thought that would change me. It just was a temporary change. I went back to using again after moving around in Richmond. Later down the line I fathered another boy.

Then I went into treatment and was clean for 8 months. I started living right, going to church, and just wanting a better life. After a while, I got back to using and lost everything.

While I was in that season of my life, I moved to DC. There I found a good church job and an apartment. But soon I fell again, and went into a hospital for major depression. When I got out I became homeless.

It was then that I found Central Union Mission. I got into their program and God started doing the rest. He started teaching me his ways and showing me how he wanted me to live. He is leading and guiding me through this life right to Heaven.

Central Union Mission is a blessing for me and many other men, women, and children in the Washington, DC area. God has blessed this place. To God be the Glory! My prayer is for increased faith, finances, family and friends.



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