Cartrail Eaton

Cartrail Eaton

One young man came to us from North Carolina with a dream in his heart. We placed Cartrail Eaton in the Overnight Guest program, and during his stay, he met Donald Ross, deputy director of the STP. He told Chaplain Ross that he had come to Washington to go to Bible College. Other guests laughed; they thought Cartrail’s dream would never come to pass.

Nonetheless, Chaplain Ross urged Cartrail to enroll in the STP. Cartrail successfully completed all three STP phases, which focused on addiction recovery, spiritual guidance and life skills training. He studied the Scriptures, and over time he began to encourage other overnight guests, telling them about God’s power to transform their lives. Now, Cartrail is enrolled as a full-time freshman at Washington Bible College–proof that God can make dreams come true.

Cartrail Eaton shared that some men at the Mission laughed when he told them he wanted to go to college, but here he is now a full-time sophomore at Washington Bible College. He successfully completed the STP program and is now a licensed minister of the Gospel at Mt. Gilead Baptist Church (Washington, DC), where he recently preached his first sermon



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