Boyd Sheppard (a.k.a. The Voice with a Smile), 1948

Boyd Sheppard testifies about his journey through addiction, and the Mission’s role in redirecting him to the hopeful path of God.

I am thankful for the privilege of testifying for One who means so much to me. I’m so glad that a little over a year ago I decided to give God a chance in my life.

I had gone a long way down the pathway of sin before I knelt at the alter at the Central Union Mission, homeless, friendless, and addicted to the use of narcotics for twenty-nine years, and pronounced hopeless and incurable by any number of doctors. I surrendered all to God and asked Him to help me. He not only blessed in many ways, but through His wonderful salvation He provided the cure that all medical science had failed to give.

Through His wonderful love I have the assurance of keeping the promise that I made to my mother, who went to a premature grave with a broken heart over a wayward son. I know that someday I will meet her in heaven. And for the present, I would not give up the joy and happiness I have in knowing my Savior for anything this world has to offer. “I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep–.”



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