Peter B. Sweeny, 1890

What has been said about Brother Douglass throwing his arms around men’s necks and touching their hearts is true. That is the way he reached me. When I frist came into the meeting, I remember his putting his arm around my neck. I came in wet and dragged, and he says, “My brother, I want you to love Jesus. He loves you and he died for you.” I was not used to having such words said to me.

Just before coming into this meeting I was in the young people’s meeting, and while I was sitting listening to the reading of the Scripture a good many thoughts came into my head, and the one regret was that I had not commenced as young as the dear boy leading the meeting tonight. I felt that he would not have all this great trouble to go though that I did if he would only stick to that blessed Savior. But I am glad that I did come in at the eleventh hour. I found a few of God’s people down on the Avenue at the Mission. Dear brother Douglass was one of them. I thank God that he is in heaven now listening to and seeing the fruit of the blessed work started by him. I thank God that I am here tonight. I have been a sinner. It seems to me that when I was converted it was something like Saul of Tarsus. It surprised me and I did not know what to make of it. I would sit down and think, and some one would say, “The Lord is good to you,” and I could only say, “Yes, He has been good to me truly, for I was converted.”

One Sunday morning I happened to come in here and our dear pastor was just speaking to the Sunday school scholars. He gave the invitation to any one who wants God’s people to pray for them to stand up, and I stood up. I know I am His child; I have been trying to live the life that he would have me to live. But listening to the sermon today by our pastor I thought how ungrateful I had been in not living a better Christian life while I had the chance, and I am going to make it my heart’s service to live as close to God as I can.



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