A letter of thanks from Stephen

Dear Central union Mission Supporter,

“My name is Stephen. I spent eight years proudly serving my country in the Marine Corps. The Marines taught me the importance of discipline and duty. What the Marines didn’t train me to do was deal with divorce in a healthy way. When my wife left me, I was suddenly a single father of three young daughters. I coped with it the only way I knew: discipline, duty—and drinking. Drinking a lot. At one point, I was drinking up to a gallon of beer and gin a day. Somehow, thanks to my military training, I was still always able to do the right thing, even drunk. Until last year. My drinking got so bad I had to quit my job and I ended up homeless. And that’s when I came to Central Union Mission.”

“The Mission helped me deal with the pain I never wanted to face. They helped me tear down the walls of my life and let Jesus in. And I experienced the healing of forgiveness—even with my ex-wife. Today, I’ve been sober for 11 months. As a donor, you blessed me far more than you’ll ever know. A year ago, I was drinking myself to death. Today, I’m alive—and I praise the Most High God for you.”


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