The Gittens Family

Epiphaney Gittens left the Army in 2007 when their first son was born, and Humberto was discharged in 2011. After their service, the couple traveled the country searching for jobs—but eventually ended up living in their car.

The family decided to return to DC to be near relatives and soon learned about the Mission’s Food PLUS Center.

“At the Food PLUS Center, you’re not just a number,” said Epiphaney. “They gave us a hug; we talked together, cried together. It’s more than just getting some free food. The people have great hearts and were telling us, ‘You are down now, but you can get up.'”

Today, the HUD Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing program has helped the Gittens find a place to live. The couple’s three boys, ages 7, 5 and 2, have their own bedroom to share, and with some furniture from Food PLUS Center, they are together and safe.



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