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Chef James Sinopoli
Chef of the Hill

James had an interest in cooking at a very young age. As one of seven children with two working parents the children took turns cooking the family meals. It wasn’t long before his siblings began using their allowance to pay James to take their evenings turn to cook for the family. His passion grew and he attended a vocational school for Culinary Arts in upstate New York, knowing by the time he was fourteen that he would eventually become a Chef. He graduated from The Culinary Institute of America in 1994 with honors.

HeART & Sole 2015
HeART & Sole 2015, Chef James Sinopoli: muffeletta sandwiches

He has been with the Federal Government as the Senior Executive Chef for the Department of State, Office of The Chief of Protocol since August of 2013. His job has him splitting his time between two production kitchens, the Diplomatic Reception Rooms at State Department which handles the entertaining needs of the Secretary of State. As well as Blair House, the Presidential Guest House which houses foreign dignitaries on official business with the President of the United States. His mission has been to promote American cuisine and showcase the best American artisanal food and wine available.