Will Brad

On Saturday, February 21, 2009, at approximately 10:30 AM, I entered Central Union Mission as a last resort to seek help with my alcohol addiction. I did not know it was spiritually based and I did not know what spiritually based meant. I did not know the program was 12 months long. All I knew was that all my living expenses would be free and my wife was extremely happy about my decision to stay, based on the testimony I shared with her that led me to Central Union Mission.

I was a federal worker (correctional counselor for the Federal Bureau of Prisons) until I resigned in July 2008. In September of 2006 I started drinking on the weekends only. My drinking started, in my opinion, due to stress professionally, poor financial investments and decisions, and personal relationships.

Professionally, I was bored and had a “jack ass” supervisor. Due to poor investments, I was $200,000 in debt, and my wife was concerned about my drinking.

In January 2007, while on duty, an inmate on my caseload died of a heart attack. Myself and a nurse were able to revive him while he was at the prison, but he later died at the hospital.

That night I started drinking daily and from that night until my last drink, which was February 21, 2009, I was convicted of 2 DUI’s in 2008, resigned from my employment, filed for bankruptcy, separated from my wife, and participated in three in-patient addiction programs (two 30-days, one 15-day).

Through this entire ordeal I knew God was still carrying me. If you ask any alcoholic or addict, they will tell you, like me, I do not deserve to be here today. And just like a fairy tale, I always heard the voice saying, “I have something better for you.” I always told my wife, even when I was intoxicated, God has something planned for me and one day we will laugh at this ordeal, but never forget it.

I gave myself to Christ on February 21, 2009, when I entered Central Union Mission. I did it at the front desk with the assistance of Chaplain Don Ross.
Initially, I had no intentions of staying at Central Union Mission for 12-months. As a matter of fact, my wife and I made an agreement that I would complete the Phase 1 section of the program and that’s it. All she wanted was 90 days of sobriety and we would resume our lives together.

Within my first 15 days at the Mission I knew I wanted to finish the entire program for me. With the spiritual guidance and teachings from staff, Central Union Mission is a gift from God. It was for me to enter Central Union Mission when I did.

I have received classroom instructions in bible reading, discipleship, addiction recovery, etc. Most importantly, I have learned how to pray for calmness and guidance in situations.

Upon completion of the Spiritual Transformation Program, I intend to continue to live my life as Christlike as possible as a husband, brother, friend and employee. I do plan to be involved in the Mission through volunteer work.

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