Camp Bennett Christian Ministry Center


The Camp Bennett Christian Ministry Center exists to provide an affordable venue for events, camps, retreats and other activities directly related to Christian ministry and Christian purpose. Camp Bennett also offers local sports team rental access to gym and field facilities.

The Camp reserves the right to refuse service to any rental activity that does not firmly meet this definition.

Camp Bennett will operate year-round with a full time, year-round staff.

We have volunteer opportunities for individuals or groups to get ready for camp season 2020:

  • Weed and clean out the playground in order to get mulch installed.
  • Install Mulch in the Playground.
  • Clean the Kitchen and prepare it for the summer.
  • Pressure wash the Lodge.
  • Clean up the Mulch around the Lodge and pull away from building.
  • Paint touch up on the Lodge.
  • Clean out the Shop.
  • Clean out the storage rooms behind the kitchen.
  • Repair Fence around the front of the Lodge.
  • Repair Pot holes in road from the Farm House down to the camp.
  • Repair duct work that is leaking in the lodge.

*Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Michael Tate directly or call 301-327-3313.



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