Chilly Weather DonationPAKS

This winter, more than ever, too many people will be facing the cold with the barest of essentials. Help a fellow human in need brace against the elements with a Chilly Weather DonationPAK , because everyone deserves to be prepared for the elements!! And don’t forget, once you’ve decided to make DonationPAKS boxes or bags label the type(s) so we can distribute them efficiently.
  • Gloves/Mittens
  • Scarves
  • Warm Hat
  • Thermal Underwear
  • Socks

You can create this DonationPak (boxes or bags) for families or individuals and mail or drop them off at the: Family Ministry Center at 3194 B, Bladensburg Rd., NE, Washington, DC 20018.
[Donations are accepted Monday-Friday, 9:00am-3:30pm, except Thanksgiving, Christmas and all Federal Holidays]



Your Gift of $115 helps 60 people


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