Video Inspirational Message

Video Inspirational Message

Simply put, our guests at the Mission love to see and hear from our dedicated volunteers!

So during this time of uncertainty for everyone, why not use your Iphone® or Android® to create a special video message of inspiration for our guests?  The message can be from you and/or your group.  Just a simple message to say hello and offer inspiration—Scripture or words of encouragement.

In normal times our guests are greatly encouraged by the volunteers’ on-site presence. You have no idea how much your acts of service encourage those at our ministry. For months they have been sheltering in place and focusing on studies and job searches – seeing and hearing from you would be a tonic for the soul – and a video is the next best thing!

Just remember, when you create a video, you’ll need to sign a release for us to use it. Once you decide to make one, you can access the Volunteer Agreement and Release at: Just sign and return that to us along with the video. Then we’ll play it on our big-screen for everyone to enjoy at evening meals, encouragement sessions, special events, and even on our social media platforms!

Any questions, contact Marc O’Brien,



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