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Hear Executive Director, David Treadwell speak about the Mission's Overnight Guest Ministry.

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Hope starts with a meal, a hot supper, warm shower, fresh clean clothing, safe shelter at night, and a hearty breakfast in the morning all wrapped with the gospel message of hope. Every time someone in need enters our doors, they encounter Christ's love and compassion. At Central Union Mission, that's what we do every day.

Hope and Healing

Guests and students enter the mission every night. On each of these nights, volunteers from Washington area churches lead praise and worship and share the Word of God. Whenever the Mission's doors are open, counseling and clinical care is provided. Services such as medical care, housing assistance, and clothing are available at no cost.

For those who respond to the nightly invitation to receive the Lord as Savior, there is follow-up prayer and counseling. Men who express a sincere desire for a changed life are encouraged to enter the12-to-18 month intensive residential program.

Every year, the mission provides almost 50,000 beds and bedding for those utilizing our emergency shelter and camp through the Overnight Guest Program, Spiritual Transformation Program and Children's Program.

For more information about the Overnight Guest Ministry for the homeless, please email

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