Food Services

Families and individuals rely on the Mission's food assistance program in emergencies and as a steady source of food. In partnership with individuals, corporations and churches, the Mission distributes more than $5 million-worth of in-kind food, toiletries, clothing, household items and furniture each year.

Food PLUS Center

Central Union Mission distributes food, clothes, furniture, and other household items at no cost to those we serve at our Food PLUS Center location:

Food PLUS Center
Washington, DC 20018

MOVE UPDATE 12/21/16 – The Ministry Resource Center, formally the Food Plus Center, is still under construction, but progress is being made! Permits are being acquired, but still no official reopen date. The address for the new location has not been released. Once permitted to open our doors, information will be given at that time.  

If you are in need of food, please contact the Hunger Lifeline at 202-644-9807 (Monday-Friday 9 am – 5 pm) or enter your zip code in the field at to search for any of the services in food, healthcare, housing, job training and more.

Thank you for your patience.  
– Tracy Duncan, Director of Family Ministry

Training Program

Led by an experienced chef, the food service team offers specialty training in safe food handling and cooking for students in the Spiritual Transformation Program. Many graduates of the program have chosen cooking as a profession and have gone on to additional schooling and good jobs in the food service field. The food services team prepares regular meals and special meals for luncheons, banquets and other occasions. They prepare meals for hundreds for events such as the Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter holidays.