The Missionary Newsletter

Dear Mission Friend:

Your generous gifts give hope and encouragement to all of our friends at Central Union Mission. Everyone connected to the Mission is grateful for your continued support.

Terence O'Neal

After arriving here several months ago, I now realize that my life is worth living. This place has created a new spirit of God in me that gives me hope for the future. The expectations from the teachers and pastors make me strive to learn. Today I know changes in my heart allow me to grow closer to God and my neighbor. You have made it possible for my life to be prosperous as long as I apply myself to learn.  
Thanks, Terence O’Neal

Tyrone Robinson

I thought God was punishing me for all the bad things I did, but now I see that He did it to bring me closer to Him. It’s funny because I’m happier now with nothing than I was with almost everything I wanted. I can tell you this: The next 12 years of my life will be great now that I’ve found God, and the rewards will be even greater. Thanks so much, Tyrone Robinson

Nichola Nolan

My semester social work internship spent at Central Union Mission has erased all my preconceived biases about the homeless. It has taught me the life lesson of humility. It inspired me to be less self-absorbed and more concerned about the needs of others, especially the homeless. Thanks to the Mission, I no longer pass the homeless on the street without a second thought; the Mission has taught me how to be my brother’s keeper.  Nichola Nolan

Andrew Gavins

When I became a part of the Special Circumstances Program, my life really began to change. The Mission gave me a job, and now I am working on getting my own place. Spending time at the Mission helped me to develop a strong sense of worth and the confidence to know that I can make it on my own. Thanks to the many people here who have influenced my life; I am very grateful. Andrew Gavins

Eric Tyler

The Mission’s Gospel  Mission House is a great “springboard” back into the mainstream. Putting God first, we share ideas on life, families and employment and give constant encouragement to one another. I personally would like to thank the incredible staff of Central Union Mission for the spiritual and social redevelopment for myself and for all the brothers’ lives that they’ve positively transitioned. 
Eric Tyler

Caroline Peck

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work side by side with the residents of the Mission to provide meals for people in need. The men could see how valuable they are within their own community, which I think is one of the best things about Central Union Mission. They treat the people they serve with dignity and respect, giving them a sense of purpose and showing them the good they can do for others and for themselves. Caroline Peck

The Mission Board, executive directors and staff say, “Thank You.” It’s because of your faithful and generous support that we are able to do all we do! Throughout our city, men, women and children are struggling to get out of poverty. The Mission comes alongside to help them, but we can’t do it without you. We share a bag of groceries—it’s from you. A man learns to read in our literacy class—it’s because of you! We distribute school supplies, clean underwear, a hot meal, a cold drink or a fresh change of clothing—it’s due to your generous and faithful support. Together on the frontlines, we can make sure that the “least of these” in our community are safe, fed and encouraged.

Please visit our website to read even more inspirational stories of achievement and gratitude.

Save the Dates
Big Events this Fall!

Blind Whino Gallery Opening 2013

HeArt & Sole
Join us at the Blind Whino on October 27, 2015, for a cooking demonstration by Chef Rock Harper and other celebrity guests, as well as delicious gourmet food and drinks. You can enjoy live music and browse our silent auction with gifts from famous local restaurants and retailers. What’s more, your ticket price will purchase bedding for our dormitories and shoes for our Overnight Guests. 
$95 per person 
$150 VIP ticket, includes private encore demonstration and swag bag

Show Some Love
On December 12, 2015, at 5:30 pm, we’ll transform our 24-hour shelter into a 5-star Winter Wonderland event for poor and homeless men. Please help us show Christ’s love by sponsoring a guest: $50 sponsors a man for the dinner; $75 pays for the meal and clothing; $125 covers the meal, clothing, dessert and a haircut. 

More details to come!

The Cupboard Is Bare

Food PLUS Center line

Unfortunately, this is a slow season for food donations. That’s why our pantries at our homeless shelter and the Food PLUS Center are almost empty. And with nearly one in six households in Washington, DC, struggling to provide its children nutritious food, that emptiness hurts.

Can we count on you to help feed our hungry neighbors? Food donations are always appreciated, or you can leave the shopping to us with a gift at Thank you so much for your compassion.

baby shower imageP.S. You're invited to our Hearts of Hope Baby Shower on September 12th. Bring hope to mothers in need with your new baby items for babies and toddlers in Central Union Mission’s Family Ministry! Click here for details.

Executive Dinner

Our Mission
To glorify God through proclaiming and teaching the Gospel, leading people to Christ, developing disciples, and serving the needs of hurting people throughout the Washington metropolitan area.

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