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Chef Rock Harper


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Fri, 10 Mar 2017 11:17:00 -0500 Annual Report 2015-2016

2015-2016 Annual Report

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Fri, 16 Dec 2016 00:00:00 -0500 Central Union Mission offers holiday meals, but also haircuts and manicures by SAM FORD/ABC7

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Wed, 14 Dec 2016 12:11:00 -0500 "The Missionary" Newsletter - December 2016

"The Missionary" Newsletter - December 2016

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Wed, 14 Dec 2016 10:34:00 -0500 The E-Missionary December 2016

Please enjoy your December issue of The E-Missionary!

We just love Christmas here at Central Union Mission! In addition to honoring God’s gift of His Son, Jesus, we get to celebrate the gift of renovated lives for our Overnight Guests. For many, this Christmas will be the first in a long time—or ever—to understand God’s love.

This new e-newsletter will keep you current on the Mission’s upcoming activities and report on the exciting work that our volunteers and friends are doing for homeless and hungry people. Be sure to keep us posted on your efforts for Central Union Mission; it’s such an encouragement for everyone!

Times are hard for our neighbors this year, and many families would have no Christmas presents for their children without Operation Christmas Miracle. By all chipping in together, our generous donors are saving Christmas for our smallest clients on December 17. Here is how you can encourage hopeless children and their struggling parents: Click Here 

Generous Local Stars “Show Some Love” To DC’s Homeless Neighbors

The Warriors MovementWashington, D.C.  – On Friday, December 16, from 5:00 to 9:00 pm, Central Union Mission will host its second annual Show Some Love event. Volunteers from The Warrior Movement will prepare, host and serve a holiday meal for our Overnight Guests with their “Everybody Eatz” pop-up café. 

Chef Tony Beverly, Taste of The DMV owner and chef at National Harbor’s Granite City, and Chef Karen Delos Reyes of the Gaylord at National Harbor are volunteering with their teams to prepare a three-entree menu from which the men may choose.

WHUR logoThe evening’s entertainment will be provided by LeDroit Chamber Players, a volunteer group of elite orchestra musicians, and by WHUR. We are also excited to announce a special appearance by media legend Mr. Donnie Simpson.

According to Erin Dorsey, CEO of The Warriors Movement,  “Having lived in the DC area my whole life and seeing the constant struggle that so many men and women face in the homeless community, I believe serving this meal  is the least that we can do. We assemble good people who are just looking to do something for someone other than themselves and really give back to some men who are turning their lives around for the better. It's important that they know that their community cares. And it's important that we show them that we care.” 

Starting at 1:00 pm, shelter guests will be treated to free haircuts donated by volunteer stylists and fresh clothing from the Mission’s Haberdashery so they can enjoy their party in style. Many thanks to Walmart for its generous sponsorship.

Would you like to be a part of Show some Love? See more information here

Goodbye, Food PLUS Center. Hello, Ministry Resource Center! Now at  3194 Bladensburg Rd., NE, Suite B, our food pantry, clothing closet, furniture and housewares distribution center has so much more room for your generous donations that we’ve changed the name to reflect its expanded scope. This new location offers better parking and a meeting area for chapel services for our clients. Come visit us soon!

Here are just a few of the companies, organizations and celebrities who volunteered and contributed to Central Union Mission in November and December. We LOVE our community partners!

WJLA volunteers
WJLA volunteers
Bingo lady
The Christmas Seniors Luncheon begins with Bingo and ends with a holiday message.
Senior lunch
Warner Brothers presented our guests with gifts celebrating the film Collateral Beauty, opening this weekend.

WJLA : Grateful to have News Channel 8 and WJLA ABC 7's Julie Wright, Kidd O'Shea and producers Leah and Courtney serve lunch with us at the Mission in November..

Walmart: Walmart gave a generous donation in support of our Show Some Love event.

The Warriors Movement: Thank you for volunteering to prepare and serve holiday meals for guests at “Show Some Love.”

Warner Brothers: Thank you for honoring Seniors Luncheon volunteers with tickets for the opening of Collateral Beauty and other movie swag.

7-11: All DC 7-11s and 25 7-11s in MD and VA suburbs are donating one pizza to the Mission for every pizza you purchase. Many thanks to our new community partner!

Donnie Simpson: This media legend will be an encourager to Show Some Love guests.

WGTS: WGTS 91.9 staff came to the Mission in November to serve guests their dinner. WGTS also started a radio donation campaign for Central Union Mission introducing the Mission to even more friends including interviews with the Mission’s Executive Director David Treadwell and Senior Director for Strategic Partnerships Deborah Chambers. You can also watch WGTS’s video here.

LeDroit Chamber Players: This new collaborative of elite classical musicians has committed to playing concerts at the Mission for the  Show Some Love event as well as monthly in 2017.

10K PB&Js: Did you know that besides the shelter’s “3 hots and a cot,” we provide food for people who walk in hungry? Many thanks to 10K PB&Js for their sandwich donation!

Mount Vernon Triangle Business Improvement District: Thank you for the toy drive in connection with your Santa Celebration.

Vintage Expresso: Thank you for collecting coats for our chilly neighbors.

Comcast Newsmakers: We’re grateful for the tv interview this show granted Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships Deborah Chambers. You can watch it here. http://comcastnewsmakers.com/?s=deborah+chambers

WHUR: Many thanks to WHUR for providing entertainment for the Show Some Love event.

Hopeless No Longer

What Actual Guests Say About Central Union Mission Link: click here (pdf)